A true piece of inspiring article from an outstanding junior!

Zhiming sent me a link that he dubbed to have inspired him after reading it. I took a glance on it and to be honest.. It was really inspiring. The article is written by an ex Chung Ling boy (junior of ours). Enjoy the reading!

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my tumblr site, same as the link in previous posts

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2011, 新的开始

(no picture.. my dear HTC still in "Hospital" T_T)

It's been awhile since i last bumped into the affection of putting my tiny fingers upon the sleek keyboard for this very oblivious blog haha..

well... this is 2011! A new year that signify a new beginning where we put everything in the past, in the history folder of "2010" right folks?

i realized that a handful of ppl were actually following my blog and found it to be interesting... (*grinning hiak hiak) so here i am! "entertaining" you guys and polishing my writing skill as well =.=||

before i start rolling the ball.. i have to apologize... I'VE TRIED TO TELL MYSELF TO WRITE IN MANDARIN! BUT..... THE FIRST SENTENCE AUTOMATICALLY PUTTING THEMSELVES INTO THIS ROMAN LETTERS! (should start banging my head against the wall aaaaaaaaa)

For study,
The year 2011! The year when i reaches my uni's culmination period. Somehow, i've started to cultivate enormous affection towards what i'm learning this semester.. especially Data Comm, as this course actually conflating networking techniques and knowledge that closely encompasses themselves in our daily life. (and i started to enjoy learning japanese ^^)

FYI, yesterday's lab session was cool~ we did our own CAT5 cable and fixing them between a notebook and desktop to actually create a file sharing network without internet.. we even gotten the reward of taking that CAT5 cable back home hehe, first time a lab session that actually sends out gifts!)

But!! As the proverb says, "every coin has two sides"

A coin has a bad side, and a good side.... the bad side is ... we're cutting our throat deeper into the extremely difficult subject.. EMT! Totally devastating one! IT'S ADDED A PREFIX.. "ADVANCED EMT".. sorry bout the fact that i've failed to hinder the intention to antagonize this "advanced" subject that's set upon its destiny to pulverize my confidence.

For life,

Jogging at botanical garden here has become a ritual of my housemates (particularly ivan and desmond ). It's very refreshing to put a few steps (ALOT) in the woods and breathing in the succulent air makes you feel alive! (not to mention the ancient story that in which i have to cede to my lackluster in directions that subdued me to have lost in this very SMALL 'jungle'...)

O ya.. a thing that's worthy to mention here....
Last night me and my housemates did something crazy again! We went to the nearest hypermarket to buy ngar kur and have prepared the traditional CNY delicacy ~


shame to say ..... that was my first encounter to this onion shaped creature (because it seems to be ubiquitous here).. haha

It's quite a warm occasion when we were doing this together in full force, booming CNY songs in our family hall.. an event which one of the housemates intended to vent his vengeance towards the dog of our neighbour that in a daily routine.. "an undesired morning call" for him.

The house was enveloped in laughter, warmth and joy. Perhaps the joyous moment in 2011 so far. To ensure the best quality of our fried ngar kur as well as our credibility, we have to give the best our of the best to our friends and left behind just a small portion for ourselves.

Every piece of this chip is nurtured with our love and passion, so do let every piece of them melt in your mouth and savor its flavor gratefully~ (to those whom probably eating it now) haha

ah.. a spate of desire drives me to get back to my korean drama for the cute actresses casting inside d! hehe.. adios!
(kept sneezing*)

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Motivation Talk by Ziming Kuat


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Precious Life


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